Roman Shades

Roman Shades

Roman shade was the inspiration of a romantic story from a beautiful Italian princess ball gown that combines the soft draping of fabric with the detailed tailoring of shades. Linen Roman shades are preferred for a more casual look that is high in durability and a beautiful fabric finish that can be wrinkle with the add texture for a relaxed atmosphere.

Windows are the essential element to consider when decorating a room. A perfect window treatment can enhance the atmosphere of a room and thru a Roman shade; this can make a room from a warm to a cozy romantic atmosphere. Windows vary in sizes and by using a Roman shade, this can enhance a room appearance that can control the light while adding an abundance of charm to a setting. Roman shades can help filtering a room, blocking the light out, frame a view. This will gives protection against fluctuating temperature and even help maintain the temperature of a room that can make it more comfortable all year round. Roman shade is the best solution that meets our aesthetic and practical needs for our rooms.

Roman shades comes in many styles such as Austrian, festoon balloon, Roman swag, balloon, cloud, flat, folded, soft pleat, soft-fold, accordion for a softer option. Each style has its own distinctive flair that offer the ability to control light while adding a charm to any setting. In creating a space that feels comfortable and soothing to a touch of class, Roman shades will do the job. Nowadays, the Roman shades are increasingly popular for it is the preferred choice over the cool, spacious minimalism and bright exotic decorating styles. The simple Roman shades fabrics are easy to use by folding up smoothly in accordion style pleats. With this treatment, it can take a room from a warm to cozy atmosphere to one of detachment and aloofness.

The fabrics you choose for the Roman shades will depend on were the window is situated. We can use a light fabric for a window with a natural view; this will allow more natural light and a view through the Roman shades. In a busy street or living in the city with neighbors nearby, a heavier or darker fabric will ensure our privacy especially in the bedrooms. Roman Shade with a lighter sheer fabric brings a hint of color to the windows without taking anything away from the architectural design of the space.

All shades needs cleaning and maintenance but the Roman shades are easiest of all the other shades to take care of. Special shades require professional cleaning; specify that no synthetic dry cleaning solvents should be used to prevent damage. But most of the Roman shades are durable and made to last even after having them wash, iron they would still look good as new. Roman shades are created from a single panel of fabric which makes them classy and simple that they look spectacular in any home.