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Inexpensive Roman Shades

There are various ways to decorate a window. Your window decoration can change the entire look of your room. A wide range of window decorative items like vertical and horizontal roller blinds, roman shades, etc, are available in the market. Using inexpensive roman shades is a wonderful way to transform your room from an old-fashioned to a modern and stylish room.

Inexpensive roman shades are primarily a way of window treatment which consists of a fabric shade with wooden slats. These wooden slats are placed horizontally at intervals down the entire length of the shade. The newer versions of the roman shades are prepared without the wooden slats. Instead of wooden slats, beautiful vertical fabric is utilized in their preparation.

Inexpensive roman shades are controlled by the pull of a string. They can be lowered or raised by the help of a string. They can be controlled in different ways. The vanes of the inexpensive roman shades can be gathered or folded as the user raises the shade. They can be gathered in various ways depending upon the style of the shades. Some of them are flat folded shades where as some of them can be folded in a hobbled fold. This type of fold is also known as teardrop style.

The primary difference between these inexpensive roman shades and the roller blinds is that the blinds are made up of louvers which can be tilted to allow the light in and closed when you require privacy. However the inexpensive roman shades do not have this function. They can only be folded or gathered at the top of the window to allow light.

These inexpensive roman shades are known by different names like fabric shades, pleated shades, roman pleated shades, Romanesque shades, etc. At some places they are also called as Roman blinds which is technically wrong because of the reason mentioned above.

The inexpensive roman shades can be found in different colors, patterns, designs and fabrics. At present you can find a set of inexpensive roman shades to match your room irrespective of the color combination used in your room. You can find them in every color of the universe. Similarly various designs like flat fold, top-down-bottom-up, blackout liners, pleated, hobbled, and even the insulated liners can easily be found in the market.

These roman shades are constructed using different materials such as wooden slats, bamboo and fabrics like silk, cotton, linen, etc. You can also find the cloth of your choice and get the inexpensive roman shades prepared by a tailor for yourself. They can be custom made to suit the needs of the customers.

From the interior designer's point of view, the inexpensive roman shades are considered as the type of curtains which give a more casual but warm look to your room. If you want to get a more formal look, then you can use slightly light colors with a pleated fold or teardrop design. The use of silk or linen is also recommended to make it more formal. Similarly by using the bright colors of the fabric, a trendy and up-to-the-minute look can be given to the room. The inexpensive roman shades help you to decorate your office room with your personal touch in a different way than most of other offices. The first time visitors can easily tell you the difference.

Some of the interior designers also believe that a roman shade is a cross between the traditional curtains and the modern blinds. You can purchase these inexpensive roman shades from hundreds of online interior decoration stores with huge discounts. Different search engines can be visited to find various discount deals on the inexpensive roman shades. You can also check the price of the shades for your particular window size on these sites. The prices quoted on most of the online stores are for the smallest window size, in order to attract more visitors to the site.

If these inexpensive roman shades are compared to the woven wood shades then they are more expensive but their stylish looks remain unmatched. Finding the suitable type and design of the roman shades is not at all difficult and with just a little effort you can convert your office or bedroom into a stylish place to work and relax. They can renovate your room without spending much money.

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