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The Classic Lines of Roman Shades

Putting up roman shades is a simple but classy way of keeping the sun out and updating an old room. These types of window treatments add class and sophistication because of their neat and structured lines.

roman shades are becoming more popular as the years go by, especially now that the minimalistic style is being preferred by yuppies, especially those living in cramped apartments in highly urbanized areas.

roman shades can quickly give a light, airy feeling to an otherwise gloomy room when made with light-colored material. They are also easy to roll up and down and its accordion pleats fold up with a simple tug of the rope.

You can adjust the amount of light filtering through a room by raising the roman shades or leaving them down at your desired level. In addition, you can leave them up to keep the sunlight streaming in to add warmth to the room on cold days. At night, you simply pull the roman shades down and the fabric will keep the warmth inside the room much longer.

Conversely, on hot summer days, you can leave the roman shades down to keep sunlight out and prevent any further rise in the temperature of the room. At night, put the roman shades up so cool wind can blow in.

Depending on the site of your window and the view you have, you can choose your material for the roman shades you'll put up. If it has a scenic view of nature, select a light-colored fabric that's rather thin to allow natural sunlight to stream in.

On the other hand, if your window faces a brick wall or you have a noisy, busy street outside your home, choose heavy and dark material for your roman blinds. Their purpose could be twofold: These thick roman blinds should keep the noise out and must be able to give you the privacy you need.

The roman shades you'll be using for public spaces should also be different from those you'll have to put up in private places such as your bedroom. For the living room, use fabrics that can let in a considerable amount of light but should minimize glare if, for instance, your window faces your TV.

For the bedroom, roman shades made from heavier material are preferred to give you a restful sleep if in case you need to catch some sleep during the day. Moreover, it should be thick enough to give you the privacy you require.

Although roman shades seem hard to clean, the method is actually very simple. Since you can't keep bringing them down for a thorough cleaning, you should always vacuum your roman shades to keep dust from accumulating. For a more intensive cleaning, use an upholstery cleaner, but first test it on fabric. After letting it set, wipe the foam off with a clean dry cloth.

Dry cleaning is another way of cleaning roman shades. Commercial cleaners can also be used to get stubborn dirt or stains off. To make maintenance of your roman shades less complicated, have them made using stain-resistant material or anti-static cloth.

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